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Support Forum

Developer Support & Code Sharing

Developer Tools

Tools and IDE environments for developers

Arduino IDE & ERW IDE

The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload it to the board. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The environment is written in Java and based on Processing and other open-source software.

Official Arduino IDE download website

Arduino ERW IDE (recommended) 
Visit the information and support page

ESPlorer Lua IDE

Use the ESPlorer IDE to develop (or edit) your Lua scripts on the ESP8266 WIFI module. The program is written in Java and should run on most platform (Windows/OSX/Linux).

ESPlorer.zip (local, ready to run copy with distribution Piccolino Lua scripts)

Github support page


LCD Assistant

Use the LCDAssistant program to convert bitmaps to a format which is compatible with the Piccolino. The program requires that the width of the image is a multiple of 16 bytes (or it will not encode the bitmap correctly). Only 1 bit bitmaps (black & white) are supported.

LCDAssistant.zip (local copy)

Support Website

ESP8266 NodeMCU Flasher

NodeMCU flasher is a firmware programmer which you can use it to program NodeMCU distribution firmwares on Piccolino’s ESP8266 WIFI board. You MUST set GPIO0 to LOW before programming. Currently only for Windows, the developers are working on next version and will use QT framework and will be cross platform and open source.

Get your copy from Github

MIDI to TONE Converter

The MIDITONES application converts a standard MIDI file into a much simplified stream of commands, so that a version of the music can be played on the Piccolino micro controller. This tool was used to convert the midi files used in the Piccolino playtune demo.

miditonesV1.6_32b.zip (local copy)

Source on GoogleCode repository

nodemcu v0.9.5 bios

This archive contains the distribution version of nodeMCU v0.9.5 including the original Piccolino distribution Lua scripts. 


Demos & Utilities

Additional Piccolino demonstration sketches and utilities

Piccolino ESP8266 Mode

Sets Piccolino’s ports so that you can program LUA scripts and/or flash the ESP8266 WIFI module (don’t forget to push the comms switch to ESP8266 mode!).




Uses 3 separate channels on pin 10,11 and 12 to play converted MIDI files on the Piccolino (windows midi converter included in work directory)


Spectrum Analyzer


Simple OLED audio spectrum analyzer (bar graph display) demo using A0 as input and FHT filtering or random data.


WAV Audio Player

The WAV player uses the TMRpcm library (available in our repository on Github) to play WAV music and sounds effects directly from SD card.