Piccolino Peripherals

With several of Piccolino’s I2C peripherals in the works (some already released) I thought it would be a good idea to publish a complete list with their respective I2C addresses  I will be adding a brief write-up for each of them and their functionality as well, within the next few weeks.

I2C Piccolino peripherals List
Device I2C Address Description
PicoIO 0x20-0x27 (configurable) 16 Additional I/Os
PicoPWM 0x40-0x47 (configurable) 16 PWM Output Channels
PicoStepper 0x20-0x27 (configurable) Dual Stepper Motor Drivers
PicoRadio 0x60 Digital FM Radio
PicoBT2 0x90-0x9A (configurable) Bluetooth 2.1
PicoBT4 0x90-0x9A (configurable) Bluetooth LE 4.0
PicoGPRS 0x90-0x9A (configurable) GPRS/GSM Mobile Network
PicoGyro 0x68 Gyrometer+Accelerometer
PicoBarometer 0x77 Barometer + Temperature
PicoSENSE 0x68, 0x77 (Gyro+Alt+Pressure+Temp)